SUNDAY - 9:30AM Sunday School, 10AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM Small Groups

Security cameras keep children & staff safe & are very effective deterrent of any crime.

Jesus city academy Where Learning is Safe & Fun

We believe in the dignity of the child and are committed to providing:

The School Director is Pastor Jackie Omotosho, The Assistant Director is Tosin Fayombo, Language Art coordinator is Remi Mabo

Presently we are running an after school care for K to Middle School. We Open to the public who do not mind christian values in education covered under JESUS CITY CHURCH bylaws. Another cool thing is that we provide a meal for all our children and staff.

we are afflicted with North Carolina Central University Durham Community Engagement Department where we join forces together to give our children fresh. The College student volunteer hours of service at the school. we ha opportunities on the where students respond to our posted for serving at the academy. A meal is also provided for our volunteers. We do arrange orientation for the volunteers meeting with the NCCU C E Dept. Our volunteers and Staff love it at JCA our pupil are well mannered.

Who We Are

Jesus City Academy is a community initiative of Jesus City Church with a vision to bridge the racial gap with our clientele in North Durham. Jesus City Academy was born out of the need to keep children learning, engaged, and polished, in a loving Christian environment! We have been able to do so over the past 10 years through our 8th phenomenal VBS Summer camp program that has grown and every year the children, parents, and volunteers flood our doors! This year we are excited to launch our after-school program, 1/2- day preschool, and track out program! Through these programs we strive to bring out transformation, excellence, character formation, and academic achievements in your children's lives! Thus Jesus City Academy Vision states: Your Short-term Care, After School, Track Out, Summer Camp and Preschool; where we celebrate the dignity of the pupil. With unique training methods, we develop pupil’s self-confidence in an excellent safe Christian environment instilling resilience, leadership, and igniting innovation. Helping the pupil identify and maximize their potentials, building Strength in families and impacting our community positively.


We will Instruct children in the way of the Lord.

We are seeking to raise a generation of children who will be God fearing leaders and who will impact their generations positively for the Lord, by maximizing their potentials thereby strengthening families and impacting their community.


What We Do


1. To provide Schooling Program, and After School for K-12 literacy intervention programs, Track Out and Summer Camp Programs.

2. To equip, stimulate, infants, toddlers, preschooler and educate pupils through to high school to achieve all round excellence.

3. To fully develop our preschool, elementary, middle and high school age pupil academically, spiritually, emotional , socially and physically.

4. To provide full grooming in conventional etiquette empowering the pupil to develop his/her self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control.

5. Providing specialized activity in extra curricular learning which includes reading, home economics, media, computers studies/ design intro, foreign language, music, sport, grammar and writing, science and math, art and drama center, test prep classes and home works assist.

6. Safe drop-in or short- term excellent care for Before and After school Program.

7. Provide public School Track-out program , recreational programs ,VBS/Summer School of excellence. 8. To provide fun and an acclimatized environment of learning without compromising their CHRISTIAN foundation for all people.

9. To create a Christian atmosphere and materials designed to help the pupil observe, investigate, seek to acquire knowledge, and develop a lifelong desire for learning.

10. To Provide a synergy collaborating with other organizations to bring the best for our pupil.

11. To bridge the racial gap in the community through serving our immediate environs. To produce preschool, elementary, middle, and high school age pupil who are principled and determined to make right choices, applying God's word to daily living.

12. To prepare a path way of developing leaders who will influence their communities positively for the Lord by working with positive community leaders, college students to provide internship in the mentorship and a learning center.

13. To prepare pupils with a mind set to be creators and inventors to make the difference in their generation.

14. To Maximize each pupils potentials, strengthening the families and impacting community.

Statement of Faith Is Found in The Bylaws of Jesus City Academy https://www.jesuscityacademy.com/



Our program is designed for children 18 months ( Must be potty Trained to 5 years of age.)

August 31 is our date-of-birth cut off; for example a child needs to be 3 years old on August 31 to enter the three-year-old class in September.

Toddlers, 18 – 24 months, may attend 2 days per week.

Children 2 to 5 years of age may attend 2 – 5 days per week.

Class Hours: School hours for all children are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Children bring their lunches daily.

Jesus City Academy Preschool closes for most Durham County track out and Traditional Public School holidays and teacher workdays.

Click on this link to visit our Jesus City Academy  school website, you can obtain the registration forms .