Who we are


SUNDAY - 9:30AM Sunday School, 10AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM Small Groups


Jesus City Church is an independent church comprised of people who love Jesus Christ, who believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and who desire to worship and serve the living God.

In Jesus City Church, we teach, encourage and challenge you to fulfill destiny – to be all that you are meant to be.

We are devoted to bringing reconciliation in our city by building bridges across races, ethnicity, tongues and nations–loving God, loving people, impacting lives and our city.

We strive to continually grow in faith, we commit to display God’s love through serving others.

Therefore, standing is not an option, we must go and make a difference!

Subsequently we:

1. CELEBRATE God’s Presence (Worship): check out our worship page click link.

2. DEMOSTRATE God’s Love (Ministry)

3. COMMUNICATE God’s Word (Evangelism)

4. ASSIMILATE God’s Family (Fellowship)

5. EDUCATE God’s People (Discipleship)

6.SHOW GODS Excellence /Elegance(Protocols)

7.Impact Nations (Reformation)